Financial Planning that Connects Your Money with Your Life

Physician Prosperity™

Physician Prosperity™ combines financial planning with investment management in a holistic way. By coordinating these two disciplines, we are better able to help our physician clients connect their money with their life.

Financial Planning

Financial life planning for physicians

Financial Life Planning

Physician's student loan management adviser

Student Loan Management

Physician retirement planning

Retirement Planning

College savings planning for physicians

Education Financing

Tax planning for physicians

Tax Planning

Physician retirement plan and Roth IRA advice

Employer Retirement Plan & IRA Advice

Insurance planning for physicians

Insurance Planning

Employee benefits analysis financial advisory

Employee Benefits Analysis

Planning your estate when you're a physician

Estate Planning

Physician mortgage and real estate planning adviser

Real Estate & Mortgage Advice

Budgeting and expense planning for physicians

Budgeting & Expense Planning

Wealth asset protection

Asset Protection

Charitable planning financial services

Charitable Giving

Physician wealth advisory foundations

Cash Flow & Net Worth Analysis

Wealth transfer for physicians

Wealth Transfer & Legacy Planning

Investment Management

Financial portfolio design services

Outcomes-Based Portfolio Design

Tax loss harvesting financial services

Tax-Loss Harvesting

Withdrawal strategies from financial adviser for physicians

Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies

Financial portfolio rebalancing services

Portfolio Rebalancing

Physician's retirement income strategies

Retirement Income Strategies

Our Flat Fee Structure

We have built a flat fee structure that compensates us based upon your net worth and complexity of your financial situation, rather than your portfolio size. We believe that a flat fee structure reduces potential conflicts of interest and is a more appropriate compensation method than the traditional percentage of assets under management model.

Net Worth Annual Fee One-Time Setup Fee
< $0

 $3,000 (Billed at $250/mo or $750/qtr)

$0 - $249,999

 $3,900 (Billed at $325/mo or $975/qtr)

$250,000 - $499,999

 $4,800 (Billed at $400/mo or $1,200/qtr)

$500,000 - $749,999

$6,600 (Billed at $550/mo or $1,650/qtr)

$750,000 - $999,999

$8,400 (Billed at $700/mo or $2,100/qtr)

$1,000,000 - $1,499,999

$10,200 (Billed at $850/mo or $2,550/qtr)

$1,500,000 - $1,999,999

$11,700 (Billed at $975/mo or $2,925/qtr)

$2,000,000 - $2,999,999

$14,400 (Billed at $1,200/mo or $3,600/qtr)

$3,000,000 - $3,999,999

$15,900 (Billed at $1,325/mo or $3,975/qtr)

4,000,000 - $4,999,999

$16,800 (Billed at $1,400/mo or $4,200/qtr)

$5,000,000 +

$19,200 (Billed at $1,600/mo or $4,800/qtr)


* Net worth is defined as “everything you own minus everything you owe,” excluding cars, personal assets, and intellectual property.

Other Services

Physician Foundations™

We offer our Physician Foundations™ program for physicians in training. While not comprehensive financial planning, it focuses solely upon four key areas (ongoing student loan management, budgeting and expense management, retirement plan and Roth IRA advice, and insurance planning) that residents and fellows find most helpful.

Annual Fee One-Time Setup Fee

$1,200 (Billed at $100/mo or $300/qtr)


Student Loan Consultation

Our Student Loan Consultation is a comprehensive review and analysis of your student loans. This one-time engagement focuses on selecting the appropriate income-driven payment plan, exploration of Public Student Loan Forgiveness planning (if applicable), and analysis of the potential benefits of consolidation or refinancing.

One-Time Fee


Pricing Examples

Jane just began her fellowship at a university hospital and is earning $81,000 per year. She has $352,000 in student loans, $6,000 in a Roth IRA, and $10,000 in her emergency fund. She would qualify for our Physician Foundations™ service and pay a $300 setup fee and an ongoing fee of $1,200 per year (billed at $100 per month).

Once she becomes an attending, Jane will move to our Physician Prosperity service and the cost would be $4,800 per year (billed at $400 per month) until her net worth exceeds $500,000.

Jonathan is five years into his first attending role in a private gastroenterology practice. He owns a home worth $465,000 with a mortgage of $225,000 ($200,000 net equity). He has $164,000 in his company 401(k) plan, $45,000 in his Roth IRA, and $115,000 in a taxable brokerage, and $50,000 in his emergency fund. His total net worth is $614,000. His flat annual fee is $6,600 per year ($550 per month).

Sarah is a 49-year-old cardiologist. After serving the first 11 years of her career in an academic setting in order to qualify for PSLF, she has since gone into private practice. Her husband is an engineer. Their son is a senior in high school. They have $1,200,000 in employer retirement accounts, $280,000 in their son’s 529 Plan, $480,000 in taxable brokerage accounts, and $240,000 in their Roth IRAs. They own their $700,000 home, free and clear. Their net worth is $2,900,000. Based upon their $2,900,000 net worth, their flat annual fee would be $14,400.

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